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Luxe Travel Guide - Venice

Venture with LUXE beyond Piazza San Marco into her winding waterways and labyrinthine alleys and you’ll be handsomely rewarded. La Serenissima’s richly brocaded sleeve hides a myriad of historic wonders and artisanal treasures, and naturally we’ve probed and plucked the very best.

  • Whether you want to stay in ravishing palaces on the Grand Canal, tucked away designer guesthouses or an affordably stylish apartment, LUXE has got you covered.
  • Fancy a romantic dinner perched over the water, or a seafood feast with cluey locals in hidden trattorias?
  • How about sundowners with lagoon views or an aperitif or three with hip young things in Venice’s buzziest squares?

We’ll guide you through the city’s fab lesser known sights and museums, and while we have the city’s best glassmakers listed, we also take you to the finest textiles, jewelry, stationery, marble, shoes and clothing, all of which can be made to your specs. Chic-issimo!

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