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Janus Mini Paper Vase - Note Card - set of 2

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This small double-sided / dual face handcrafted flower vase doubles as a note card. Perfect to add to a gift or simply mail to a dear one.

 This vase is a tribute to ancient gods and mythology. The Janus line is a tribute to ancient gods and mythology and includes timeless, versatile objects with a strong yet warm character

Use it to adorn your desk or dining table, or as a thoughtful and original gift. Let your imagination bloom. 

  •  6 X 6' 

Open the paper vase by gently pushing in the edges and slip it over the container. Use a medium-sized glass, a ceramic vessel or even a plastic bottle.  The vase is made of water resistant paper. Should the paper get wet, simply let it dry. Arrange the flowers and brighten up your favorite spot.

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