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Dot Bracelet - set of 3

In love with Dot Bracelets. Gold plated copper adjustable bracelets, each holding a unique “dot”. Each dot has a story and a unique origin: a stone, a button, a crown, a found charm …. The bracelets, a set of 3 unique ones, combine the old with the new in a very fashionable twist.
  • Gold plated, adjustable
  • Gift boxed
Friends and designer-duo Hala Mouzannar and Lina Chammaa have always had a passion for vintage and fashion. They combined their love of vintage and design and their talent to mix the present and the past creating a new & unique style of accessories.
Scouting flea markets and vintage shows their pieces reflect periods spanning from the late 19th century to the 1970s. Madame Reve is an invitation to enter a timeless era. Hala and Lina believe in using timeless objects to create accessories that are timeless in elegance and beauty.

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