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LUXE Travel Guide - Berlin

Come to see the Wall? Well, you’re about twenty years too late, mein Liebling. These days, Berlin is the epitome of cool, laid back charm from east to west. With her underground vibe, perpetual nightlife, edgy, inimitable style and creativity, she’s luring artists and trendsetters from the world over. So, vat are you vaiting for?
  • Want the very best of Berlin in one glam little pocket/purse-sized companion?
  • Want to discover the scorching art scene making Berlin the epicentre of cool?
  • Want exclusive access inside architectural marvels normally closed to the public?
  • Want bespoke, artisanal porcelain, jewellery, wallpaper, hats and perfume made to order?
  • Want stashes of rare, collectible furniture by the most eminent names in C.20th design?
Well, now you can. Along with all the finest and funkiest places to dine, drink and dance, LUXE incorporates invaluable, bespoke shopping and activity itineraries for you to mix and match, secret shops and services you'd simply never find as a visitor.

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