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LUXE Travel Guide - Rome

She's got more secrets than the Pope, and a much better wardrobe, but Roma wasn't built in one day, and you'll need more than a couple to peel back all those gorgeous layers. Step right up, we've picked out all the things we totally love and know you will too. So, all you have to do now is hop into your Alfa, Romeo...
  • Want the finest Italian cooking from mom n' pop kitchens to Michelin-starred salons?
  • Want your own shopping guru or personal concierge for private visits and viewings?
  • Want to find mint vintage fashion, retro design and antiques?
  • Want to hire the city's top academics and scholars as your own personal guides?
  • Want access to the city's bespoke artisans for hats, clothes, marble, decor & leather?
Well, now you can. Along with all the finest and funkiest places to dine, drink and dance, bespoke shopping and activity itineraries for you to mix and match, secret shops and services you'd simply never find as a visitor.

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