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LUXE Travel Guide - Los Angeles

Enjoy the sun-kissed days, the palm trees, the ocean and canyons, the beau monde (with a little help from a friend), the razzle dazzle, the sheer entertainment of it all and before you know it, you too will be under her spell. LA’s considerable charms spread far and wide, so get ready to drive, drive and drive some more…
  • Want to avoid the touristy celeb-spotting sites and sup at prime tables where the city’s stylish residents really hang out?
  •  Want to cruise around in a mint-condition Cadillac Coupe de Ville ‘55?
  •  Want to explore the Hollywood Hills on horseback, or chopper over Tinseltown?
  •  Want to find exquisite collectible vintage couture, watches, jewellery and furniture?
  •  Want your own personal shopper, driver or guide to lead you to the city's loveliest finds, treats and must haves?
Well, now you can. Along with all the finest and funkiest places to dine, drink and dance,  bespoke shopping and activity itineraries for you to mix and match, secret shops and services you'd simply never find as a visitor.

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