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LUXE Travel Guide - Paris

Only got a few days in the ravishing City of Light? This lulu of a city is regarded as the most beautiful in all Europe, but while she can be sweet and coquettish, she can also be a snooty grande dame. We've taken her over our knee and she's promised to behave. So, crack open a bottle, it's champagne time for Loulou...
  • Want to find stashes of vintage jewels and clothes and even have them customized?
  • Want to find the best steak frites in town?
  • Want to hire your own personal museum, wine, restaurant or shopping guide?
  • Want the chicest range of eateries from haute cuisine to humble bistros?
  • Want fashion, lingerie, jewelry, shirts, make-up and perfume created just for you
Well, now you can. Along with all the finest and funkiest places to dine, drink and dance, bespoke shopping and activity itineraries for you to mix and match, secret shops and services you'd simply never find as a visitor.

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