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Claire Johnson Paper Vase

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Based in New South Wales, Australia, Claire Johnson breathes life into ceramics and canvases, using clay, ink and collage techniques. Her work celebrates beauty, love and mythology.

Working with the theme of “two gods, two lovers”, Claire’s artistic interpretation resulted in two paper collages featuring twirling mandalas, laurel wreaths and sparkling eyes, which we adapted into prints. The outcome is a set of paper vases with spellbinding faces of ancient gods, whispering loving words.

  •  10.4 in. x 11.4 in

Open the paper vase by gently pushing in the edges and slip it over the container. Use a medium-sized glass, a ceramic vessel or even a plastic bottle.  The vase is made of water resistant paper. Should the paper get wet, simply let it dry. Arrange the flowers and brighten up your favorite spot.

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