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Pia Pasalk's design label celebrates the beauty of the inconspicuous, of that which lies concealed beneath the everyday surface. It turns the everyday into an element of style, the blemish into the focus of design.
The bags take their inspiration from the modernization of old harbors. The "Dockerhandbags" are equipped with a handle like that found on a porcelain coffee pot and use vintage flour and coffee sacks as their covers - making each one unique, one of a kind. The LIMITED EDITION collection features the Dockerhandbag in a deep chocolate brown leather with a contrasting red porcelain handle.
  • 13 3/4 height X 12" width X 4" deep
  • vintage coffee or flour sacks, brown leather and red porcelain handle
  • due to the nature of the material, imperfections on covers may show which is part of the character of the back
  • each sack is unique


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