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The Story of LibaStyle

Style [stahyl] noun, verb style, styl-ing:

1. a quality of imagination and individuality expressed in one’s actions and tastes.
2. an elegant, fashionable, or luxurious mode of living: to live in style.

LibaStyle is our treasure hunt. A quest to find fine, unique, stylish and "necessary" objects we all need (love) to have; objects geared towards lifestyle and design. We brought together here the best of our finds from around the world. Whether necessary things for the home or just a stylish accessory, these objects bring an individuality and charm to your spaces and your lifestyle, leaving your friends to wonder "Where did you get that?"

We did the hunting. You now enjoy the treasure!

LibaStyle, where prices range from upscale to surprisingly accessible, brilliantly embodies Cristina's philosophy of good taste and great design for all. Known for its superb, 24/7 personalized client service LibaStyle is the ultimate luxury shopping experience, with its curated selection of the best in home, gifts and accessories. Wherever you are, flawless style is one click away.

A Little Bit About Us

Cristina de Basto founded LibaStyle in 2007. Her successful career as a sought-after designer for yachts has taken her around the globe. Cristina, who has decorated some of the most impressive yachts globally, recreates the same upscale, multicultural approach to home and personal styling when selecting items for LibaStyle. From her upbringing amongst a family of interior and fashion designers, to her Miami-Italy based design firm with her husband, Cristina’s expert knowledge of artisans reaches all four corners of the globe and allows for sourcing the most unique luxury items available.

In addition to the best of American and European design, her finds originate from locations including Brazil, India, Nepal, Kenya, and Turkey among others. From witty table accessories to gorgeous jewelry, each piece has been carefully curated and selected by Cristina herself as the epitome of modern chic.

“We bring our treasure hunt approach to shopping, translating this into LibaStyle’s expertly-curated offerings. Impeccable design and luxurious pieces that serve to enhance our client’s homes and personal style in a tasteful, elegant way—without being overpowering—are what makes the selection at LibaStyle so unique,” says Cristina.

Perfectly capturing the spirit of LibaStyle, she says, “We did the hunting, you enjoy the treasure.”